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About Luggie

We are the Official Distribution Center in the United Arab Emirates for the Luggie brand, our main products are the Luggie Elite and the Luggie Eco.

We only stock the very latest range of Luggie Scooters and we are always constantly looking for ways to expand and improve the Luggie Range and accessories ensuring that you are kept up to date with the latest technology and advances in folding mobility scooters.

Our website features has an online registration form, this allows you to register your Luggie product for our warranty services in case you need any assistance of your Luggie product.

Original and the Best
The Luggie is the original one piece folding mobility scooter.

Travel Anywhere with Luggie
The Luggie scooter can be taken abroad, the lightweight lithium ion battery has been cleared for air travel

Go Anywhere
The Luggie Scooter can be taken with you on any form of public transport including trains and buses.

Luggie Eco

Luggie Eco

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Luggie Elite

Luggie Elite

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